Oxygen Pools


Oxygen Pools Are The Safe And Effective Alternative To Salt Chlorine Pools and Standard Chlorinated Pools!

At Oxygen Pools, we have families just like you and our first concern is the safety of everyone who swims in a pool. So we developed our oxygen based program to be gentle on humans but extremely aggressive against the “bad guys” that can live in water.

An Oxygen Pool is clean, clear, safe and affordable . After learning how an Oxygen Pool works, we hope you’ll join our family of poolowners who are swimming in the most amazing water you’ve ever seen!


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Our oxygen based water treatment program is being used on thousands of residential pools with millions of gallons of water and are so clear and so fresh that most Oxygen Pool owners tell us their water has never looked so great.
We do this by creating multiple layers of oxidation in the water. These layers include direct oxidation with O3 oxygen and a safe level of residual hydrogen peroxide for an Advanced Oxidation Process that is unmatched in its ability to oxidize contaminants in water.

Oxygen Pools-Where Nature Meets Science

Any viable water treatment program requires a residual level of oxidizer in pool water along with a regular shock treatment as part of a complete water treatment program.   Here’s how the Oxygen Pools program works to fulfill those requirements:

1.) First, the Oxygen Pools Dynamic Oxygen Generator automatically oxidizes contaminants in the water as it feeds ozone into the pool water.

2.)  Simultaneously, our patented high-velocity generating system creates a safe residual level of hydrogen peroxide in the water. This is accomplished automatically whenever the generator is running and is measured using test strips.

3.) Shocking your pool weekly plays an important part in maintaining healthy water.  Chlorine free Formula “O” simplifies your water treatment program by replacing the need to add multiple chemicals every week.  This EPA registered product is added weekly and contains activated oxygen, algaecide, clarifier, stain and scale prevention, all blended together to shock the water and keep it fresh and clear. Because the Formula contains no chlorine,  you can swim in minutes after dosing! You’ll see the difference immediately in water quality and clarity.  There’s nothing that looks and feels like an Oxygen Pool!

salt water pool chlorine free oxygen pools formula o

Oxygen Pools 4 way test strips are the easiest way to measure your pool water for safety. The test strips measure levels of Peroxide, Total Alkalinity, pH and Total Hardness.  Just dip and compare colors on the vial.

salt water pool chlorine free oxygen pools formula o
salt water pool chlorine free oxygen pools formula o
salt water pool chlorine free oxygen pools generator

The Dynamic Oxygen Generator installs onto any type of filter without special tools. Using the existing pool pump, water is circulated through the generator which automatically adds dynamic oxygen to the water as it circulates back to the pool.  No other equipment changes are needed.

The Oxygen Pools generator is UL Certified and is registered under the EPA Section 7 FIFRA Act


As the Oxygen Generator creates a safe level of hydrogen peroxide residual in the pool, the first thing most swimmers notice is the silkiness and comfort of the water.  The reason is that a proper level of hydrogen peroxide is the most compatible oxidizer for the human body in pools.

In fact, our bodies create peroxide every day!  Biologically, hydrogen peroxide is produced inside human cells as a first line of defense against pathogens so it is not a foreign substance to humans in the ways that chlorine is.  The difference is immediate and noticeable.